Thursday, October 14, 2010

Example of Personal Response (from article) - Semester 1, Reading and Writting paper, Minor Option: English

     After reading ‘Super Food Me’ by Simon Hemelryk, I feel that my diet is also unbalanced.  I eat fast food most of the time.  Now I realized that fast food is not good for our health.  The author then consume a lot of nutritious food especially vegetables. This reminds me during my recovering phase after I undergo an operation because of appendicitis. I only can eat suggested food by the dietician which is not in my taste. This article influenced me in consuming food for diet.  I should be more careful to choose a diet since wrong diet can affect my health whether I am lacking of nutrition or excess nutrition. The author had taken a lot of protein which was doubled the value of the nutritional requirement by government.  This make me remember of my late grandmother suffering from arthritis because of excess of protein.  The amino acid from the protein in her joint is over its limit that causing her arthritis. I also feel that good diet is very important as our body should get necessary nutrition. I can become weak and unhealthy if I lack of nutrition of excess nutrition.  I must follow the guidelines that have been given by the government. In example, the food pyramid is very helping for me to consumed balanced diet. I think the issue raised by the author should be given attention by others as it is much related to us in our daily diet. In my opinion, this article can give awareness of consuming a balanced diet as guided by government.

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